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North Wales Weekly News

Tourism is the very raison d’être of our part of North Wales. Towns such as Colwyn Bay and Llandudno grew up in Victorian times to serve the holiday needs of the increasingly affluent industrial areas of North West England and … read the full article

Press Release: Zoo Openings

Westminster, 10 June 2020 Clwyd West MP, David Jones, has welcomed the announcement that zoos in England are to be allowed to reopen from 15 June and has urged the Welsh Government (WG) to follow suit, so that Colwyn Bay’s … read the full article

North Wales Weekly News

Last week, Members of Parliament returned to the Palace of Westminster for the first time since lockdown was declared in late March. For the previous nine weeks, MPs and their staffs had been working from home, dealing with constituents’ concerns … read the full article

North Wales Weekly News – 27 May, 2020

As the coronavirus outbreak appears at last to be abating, it is time to look to the future and the safe reopening of our economy. Many businesses that have been features of our area for many years urgently need to … read the full article

North Wales Weekly News – 14 May, 2020

Zoom. Just two months ago, I had never heard of it. But that, of course, was before the full, devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic had become apparent. Now, however, Zoom is seemingly everywhere. “Zoom” is arguably the single word … read the full article

North Wales Business Club – 29 April, 2020

Ronald Reagan once famously observed that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: “I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help.” The President had a point. As a rule, most businesspeople are instinctively wary of officialdom, … read the full article

Daily Post article – 28 April, 2020

As the daily number of new coronavirus cases shows signs of abating, minds are turning to the question of when the lockdown restrictions will be eased, so as to allow the resumption of business activity and the restoration of something … read the full article

North Wales Weekly News – Welsh Government grants for self-catering accommodation

Businesses have taken a pounding during the COVID-19 pandemic. The abrupt lockdown meant that, for many of them, income and cashflow dried up overnight. The Government has done its best to help, with a series of interventions. Among them is … read the full article

Foreign Office announces repatriation plans

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office announced on 30 March a new partnership between the Government and airlines to bring British travellers home, which includes: Virgin, EasyJet and Titan Airways, with other airlines being expected to join. Special charter flights will … read the full article

Wales must have an NHS volunteer scheme

Clwyd West MP David Jones has urged the Welsh Government (WG) to sign up to the NHS Responder Volunteer scheme, which has so far attracted the support of more than 500,000 public-spirited people who want to help the NHS during … read the full article