About Clwyd West

As a Parliamentary constituency, Clwyd West is fairly new; it was created ahead of the 1997 General Election by merging parts of two older constituencies, Clwyd South West and Clwyd North West. Traditionally, the area covered by the new constituency had tended to vote for Conservative candidates. However, a Labour Party candidate, Gareth Thomas, was returned at the 1997 General Election, and he held the seat in the subsequent election in 2001.

At the 2005 General Election, David Jones succeeded in winning the seat with a majority of 133. He held the seat at the 2010 General Election, increasing his majority to 6,419. This represented a swing of 8.4% in his favour, which was higher than the national Conservative average for that election. David held the seat for the second time at the 2015 General Election, defeating the Labour Party candidate by a substantial margin. David increased his majority to 6,730, with an increase in the number of votes cast in his favour, and an increased share of the popular vote. In the 2017 General Election, David retained his seat for the fourth time and increased his vote share by almost 5 per cent.

At the December 2019 General Election, David was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Clwyd West once more, with an increased vote share of 50.7%.

General Election results Clwyd West, 2001-2019


CandidatePartyVotesVote share (%)Change in vote share (+/-%)
David JonesConservative20,40350.7(+) 2.7
Jo ThomasLabour13,65634.0-5,6
Elfed WilliamsPlaid Cymru3,9079.7(+) 0.1
Davd WilkinsLiberal Democrats2,2375.6(+) 2.9
Turnout40,203 (69.7%)


CandidatePartyVotesVote share (%)Change in vote share (+/-%)
David JonesConservative19,54148.14.8
Gareth ThomasLabour16,10434.614
Dilwyn RobertsPlaid Cymru3,9189.6-2,6
Victor BabuLiberal Democrats1,0912.7-1
Turnout40,354 (69.8%)
Majority3,437 (8.5%)


CandidatePartyVotesVote share (%)Change in vote share (+/-%)
David JonesConservative16,46343.31.7
Gareth ThomasLabour9,73325.60.9
Warwick NicholsonUKIP4,98813.1(+) 10,8
Marc JonesPlaid Cymru4,65112.2-3,2
Sarah Lesiter-BurgessLiberal Democrats1,3873.6-11,6
Bob EnglishSocialist Labour6121.61.6
Rory JepsonAbove and Beyond1940.50.5
Turnout38,028 (64.8%)
Majority6,730 (17.7%)


CandidatePartyVotesVote share (%)Change in vote share (+/-%)
David JonesConservative15,83341.55.4
Donna HuttonLabour9,41424.7-11,3
Llyr Huws GruffydPlaid Cymru5,86415.44.5
Michele JonesLiberal Democrats5,80115.21.9
Warwick NicholsonUKIP8642.30.8
Rev GriffithChristian2390.60.6
Joe BlakeselyIndependent960.30.3
Turnout38,111 (65.8%)
Majority6,419 (16.8%)


CandidatePartyVotesVote share (%)Change in vote share (+/-%)
David JonesConservative12,90936.20.6
Gareth ThomasLabour12,77635.9-2,9
Frank TaylorLiberal Democrats4,72312.31.9
Eilian WilliamsPlaid Cymru3,87410.9-2
Warwick NicholsonUKIP5121.40.6
Jimmy JamesIndependent5071.41.4
Patrick KeenanSocialist Labour3130.90.9
Turnout35,614 (62.8%)
Majority133 (0.4%)

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