Campaign Responses

Members of Parliament often receive a large number of similar or identical e-mails on a particular policy topic or topics. David generally prefers to reply to constituents’ correspondence directly and on an individual basis. However, in some cases, doing so is not practicable. Accordingly, this page provides a means whereby responses or statements on certain policy topics can easily and quickly be posted and read.

Caged Hens | April 2023

I have received many emails regarding caged hens. Animal welfare is a devolved matter in Wales and, therefore, the responsibility of the Welsh Government. However, the Welsh Government has agreed that HM Government shall legislate for both England and Wales on certain matters, including this. I fully acknowledge the...

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Military Exports to Saudi Arabia | July 2019

I have received many emails concerning UK military exports to Saudi Arabia. The Government operates one of the most thorough military export control regimes in the world. All export licence applications are assessed on a case-by- case basis against the Consolidated EU and National Arms Export Licensing Criteria. These...

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Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe | June 2019

I have received many emails regarding Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. The detention of Naznin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is a serious issue of concern, being both immoral and totally unjustifiable. The British Government has stressed that Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is a totally innocent woman, and has condemned how despite this, she has endured three years...

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Free TV Licences for Those Over 75 | June 2019

I have received a large volume of emails regarding the suspension of free TV licences for those over 75. The BBC is an important national institution which plays a central role in the lives of many people in the UK, particularly older people. In 2017/18, 92% of the adult...

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Live Animal Exports | June 2019

I have received numerous emails regarding the export of live animals. The Government has a manifesto commitment that states that following our departure from the European Union, it will take steps to control the export of live farm animals for slaughter. Currently, the Government believes animals should be slaughtered...

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Torture | June 2019

I have received a large number of emails regarding the use of torture. The UK unreservedly condemns the use of torture or inhuman treatment and works with international partners to eradicate this abhorrent practice. Preventing torture and tackling impunity for those who torture are essential components of safeguarding this...

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Targeting of Civilians by Hamas | June 2019

I have received a number of emails regarding the abuse of children and civilians by Hamas. As Chairman of the Council for Arab-British Understanding, I condemn, in the strongest possible terms, any violence inflicted upon, or targeted at, children and civilians in either Israel or Gaza. This is not...

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Protection of Rivers | June 2019

I have received numerous emails regarding the reduction of plastic consumption to improve waterways. Plastic causes extensive environmental damage and endangers plant and animal life as well as natural habitats. I am, therefore, strongly in favour, as is the Government, of reducing the amount of plastic that we consume....

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Medical Cannabis | May 2019

I have again received a substantial number of emails regarding medical cannabis. I fully appreciate that there are people with chronic pain and debilitating illnesses who seek to alleviate their symptoms by using medicinal cannabis. However, the Government’s position regarding the issuing of medical cannabis is correct, as it...

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Animal Welfare Inspectors | May 2019

I have received a large number of emails regarding the lack of enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 due to a lack of animal welfare inspectors. All sensible people will support the highest standards of animal welfare and I agree with you about the importance of protecting Equines...

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