Campaign Responses

Members of Parliament often receive a large number of similar or identical e-mails on a particular policy topic or topics. David generally prefers to reply to constituents’ correspondence directly and on an individual basis. However, in some cases, doing so is not practicable. Accordingly, this page provides a means whereby responses or statements on certain policy topics can easily and quickly be posted and read.

Caging of Farm Animals | May 2019

I have received a substantial number of emails regarding the caging of farm animals. The Government is committed to upholding and improving animal welfare, with the welfare of farmed livestock protected under legislation. Such welfare is guaranteed by specific welfare codes, which encourage high standards of husbandry that keepers...

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Climate Change | April 2019

I have received a large number of emails concerning climate change. Climate change is a huge issue of concern, being one of the most urgent and pressing challenges that is currently facing every country. The Government is committed to tackling climate change and has taken a number of steps...

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Persecution of Christians | April 2019

I have received many emails concerning the persecution of Christians. The current situation of Christians around the world is an issue of concern and I greatly sympathise with the view that, as a Christian nation, the UK should play a role internationally to ensure Christians are guaranteed the freedom...

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Whirlpool's Tumble Dryer Modification Programme | April 2019

I have received a substantial number of emails regarding Whirlpool’s tumble dryer modification programme. In 2015, the company Whirlpool identified a design issue in several tumble dryer models which could lead to increased risks of fire incidents due to excessive lint accumulation at the rear which then ignites. The...

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Racehorse Welfare | April 2019

I have received a number of emails regarding racehorse welfare. The welfare of racehorses is an important issue which the Government takes seriously. The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) is responsible for the safety of jockeys and horses at races in this country. The BHA works with animal welfare organisations...

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Online Harms White Paper | April 2019

I have received many email regarding the ‘Online Harms White Paper’. On the 8 April 2019, the Government published a White Paper which set out its proposals for making the internet a safer place for UK citizens. It is the belief of the Government that as the internet is...

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Trade Bill 2017-19 | April 2019

I have received a substantial number of emails regarding the Trade Bill that is currently before Parliament. In March 2019, the House of Lords passed an amendment which stipulated that, following our departure from the European Union, negotiations towards a free trade agreement may not commence until the Secretary...

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Animal Experiments | April 2019

I have received numerous emails regarding animal experiments. The United Kingdom has a long track record of being a world leader when it comes to animal welfare. In 1998, the UK was the first country to implement a ban on the use of animals in cosmetic testing and we...

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Leaving the EU on WTO terms and the Effect on the Welsh Economy | April 2019

I have received a substantial number of emails regarding the UK leaving the EU on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms, and the effect on the Welsh economy. The United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union on WTO terms would present a fantastic opportunity for the Welsh economy. It must...

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NHS Pension Debate | March 2019

I have received a number of emails NHS pension debate, which took place on 2 April 2019. To hear that NHS staff may seek to limit or reduce their NHS commitments is, of course, troubling. The Government has stated that it recognises pension tax considerations will contribute to decisions...

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