Rt Hon David Jones MP "bitterly disappointed" by Council's promenade decision

Posted on 10th November, 2022

David Jones, MP for Clwyd West, has spoken of his disappointment at the decision by Conwy Borough Council to press on with plans to create a one-way traffic system on Rhos on Sea’s West Promenade, which will generate significant disruption on Cayley Promenade.


Earlier this week, the Council’s cabinet resolved that the scheme should continue, despite wide local objection.


David Jones said:

“This is a deeply unpopular plan, which has received widespread opposition from local residents, and I am bitterly disappointed that it is to proceed.


“It dilutes the goodwill that the Council has attracted for its good work in creating the new sandy beach and reinforcing the sea defence works.


“The consequence of this decision is that there will be intensified two-way traffic on Cayley Promenade, as well as displaced traffic over a wider area. It is little wonder that there has been such public concern, with two protest marches over recent weeks.


“I would urge the Council carefully to monitor the impact of this plan after it has been implemented. It is never too late to admit when a mistake has been made, nor to put it right.”

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