UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia | April 2017

I have received a significant number of e-mails from constituents regarding UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia.
The situation in Yemen is extremely complex, with a number of different groups in conflict. The threats from international terrorism and regional unrest are legitimate concerns for Saudi Arabia and other neighbouring countries. It is reasonable for them to seek to protect their borders and be able to counter any acts of aggression, as well as, in this case, intervene in neighbouring countries who are suffering from severe unrest.
The Government takes its arms export responsibilities very seriously and operates one of the most robust arms export control regimes in the world. Exports are assessed on a case-by-case basis against the Consolidated EU and National Arms Export Licensing Criteria. The criteria include the requirement that exports of all UK controlled goods are only permitted if, after a thorough assessment, there is no clear risk that they might be used for internal repression.
April 2017

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