The sale of dog meat in South Korea | September 2016

I have received a number of e-mails regarding the petition against sale of dog meat in South Korea.
Parliament debated the ongoing consumption of dog meat on 5 November 2015. During the debate the Government informed the House of Commons that we would continue to raise animal welfare issues with the relevant authorities.
However, I should point out that the sale of dog meat in the Republic of Korea is legal and, in the absence of international laws or agreements, the United Kingdom does not have legal grounds for intervention on this matter.
I do share concerns regarding cruelty to animals and welcome the work of NGOs and the British Embassy in Seoul who raise the matter of animal welfare with South Korean authorities. I hope that as we approach the Winter Olympics in 2018, to be held in the Republic of Korea, we will have more opportunities to raise these concerns.
September 2016

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