“People’s Vote” Campaign | January 2019

I have received numerous letters regarding the “People’s Vote” Campaign.
I supported the campaign for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. I did so for one overarching reason. The European Union is not a democracy. All its laws are initiated by the European Commission, which is comprised of unelected people. There is no means whereby any voter in any country of the European Union can vote a Commissioner out, even if that Commissioner is doing a thoroughly bad job.
It an essential element of our democracy that those who govern us should be answerable to the electorate. That is the case at Westminster. Every Member of Parliament can be voted out by the electorate.
The “People’s Vote” is a campaign by those who are disappointed by the result of the referendum held in June 2016. It was made absolutely clear by the Government prior to that referendum that the vote would be binding and that the Government would implement the decision of the people that was made at that time. There was a clear majority of some four per cent in favour of leaving the European Union. In fact, in Clwyd West, the majority was around eight per cent. I believe, therefore, that as Member of Parliament for Clwyd West I have a mandate from my voters to do everything possible to secure the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Indeed, the vote at the referendum in 2016 was underlined by the vote in the general election last year.
I can fully understand that some people will be disappointed with the outcome of the referendum in 2016. However, I believe it is now for time for everyone to accept its outcome and move on.
January 2019

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