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Daily Post – The Conservative leadership campaign

The tearful announcement by Theresa May of her resignation as leader of the Conservative Party was, at a human level, deeply distressing. It would have taken the hardest of hearts not to be moved.   Politically, however, the departure of … read the full article

North Wales Weekly News – 5G

  The debate about whether the Chinese company, Huawei, should participate in the construction of the United Kingdom’s 5G network has, at least temporarily, diverted attention from the exciting opportunities that 5G itself has to offer.   5G will amount … read the full article

Speech to Politeia – The role of the ECJ post-Brexit – 15 May, 2019

At the outset, let me set out my credentials.   I am a “Spartan”, one of the awkward squad of Conservative MPs who have, on three occasions, voted down the Government’s Withdrawal Agreement.   I am often asked at events … read the full article

North Wales Weekly News

Life as an MP entails a lot of travelling. During the working week in term time, I am, of course, in Westminster. Weekends are spent in the constituency, seeing people in “surgery”, attending local events and trying to see a … read the full article