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Daily Post Article

Six months after the end of the implementation period, the UK is adapting remarkably swiftly to life outside the European Union. For example, the Secretary of State for International Trade, Liz Truss, has just concluded the terms of a new … read the full article

Speech – Israel and Palestine Westminster Hall Debate

While, unfortunately, I was not called to speak in the Israel/ Palestine debate earlier today, the following is a copy of the speech I had prepared:   I refer to my declaration in the Register of Members’ interests.   The … read the full article

Politeia Pamphlet – The Constitutional Role of the Judiciary Precedents and Position

I           The Government, the Judges and the UK Constitution The introduction, in the new Parliamentary session, of the Dissolution and Calling of Parliament Bill will be welcomed by all MPs who had to endure the agonies of late 2019, … read the full article