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Posted on 30th September, 2020

Conwy County Borough Council are to be commended for the work they have done over recent years on the regeneration of Colwyn Bay. The seafront, in particular, has been transformed, with an impressive expanse of pristine sand, smart new railings and a café that would not look out of place on South Beach, Miami.

Work has also been carried out to the town centre, with new street furniture and traffic-calming in Penrhyn Road and the renovation of important buildings such as the Station Hotel and Porter’s coffee shop on Station Road. Nevertheless, it has to be conceded that large parts of the centre still present a sad prospect, with a large number of empty and run-down premises, especially on Station Road, which was arguably once the premier shopping street of North Wales.

The Council has now decided to tackle the centre of town and has published its proposals online, at .

The webpage provides a video animation illustrating the proposals. These include a one-way, east-west traffic system on Abergele Road, with wider pavements (the current ones are particularly narrow and make walking difficult, sometimes dangerous). There is a new cycle lane and a seating area, “St Paul’s Square”, formed from part of the grounds of St Paul’s church.

A completely new car park is to be provided on the site of the old market hall. Station Road is to be depedestrianised (not before time, in my view), with one-way traffic from north to south. New street furniture will be provided, as will parking bays. This will do a great deal to reverse the sterilisation of Station Road that has resulted from its closure to motor vehicles.

A number of queries arise from the published proposals, not least where traffic currently travelling eastward along Abergele Road is to be diverted. Nevertheless, the plan is welcome and demonstrates that the Council is making a laudable effort to restore the fortunes of the town.

The consultation closes on 31 October, and responses may be made online. I strongly urge all Colwyn Bay area residents to visit the website and submit their views.

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