Posted on 4th November, 2015

The following is the text of a press release issued by the Rt. Hon. David Jones M.P. on 4 November 2015. 


David Jones, MP for Clwyd West, today chaired a meeting at the House of Commons to explore the United Kingdom’s strategy on the crisis in Syria, organised by the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding (Caabu).

The discussion addressed the value of potential strategies, including military strikes and diplomacy, and their long-term impact. It also covered concerns that have arisen from the four and a half year civil war, including the rise of so-called ISIS, the refugee crises and Russia’s unprecedented military intervention.

The panel addressing the question ‘A UK strategy to Syria?’ included Mustafa Haid, Chairperson of Dawlaty Foundation, Professor Mary Kaldor of the London School of Economics, Dr Chris Phillips of Queen Mary University of London, and Chris Doyle, director of Caabu.

David Jones said:

“The situation in Syria is extremely complex. I was pleased to have the opportunity to host a meeting where the topic could be discussed by a very well-informed panel.

“The world has seen the horrific images of Syrian refugees risking their lives to flee and the brutality of both ISIS and the Assad regime. If the UK is to afford real assistance in this crisis, we should try to address its causes, not just its symptoms.”

David Jones MP became a board member of Caabu earlier this year and works with them on British responses to Middle Eastern issues.

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