Windrush Generation | April 2018

I have received numerous letters regarding the “Windrush Generation”.
Commonwealth citizens, including the Windrush generation, came to this country in the 1960s and 1970s and have since built their lives here and made a significant contribution to this country, both socially and economically.
Some citizens of the Windrush generation, who have full British citizenship under the British Nationality Act 1948, have been unable to access public services owing to a lack of documented evidence of their citizenship.
The Home Office has now committed to rectify the situation to such individuals.
To ensure that this issue is dealt with as smoothly and as efficiently as possible, the Home Office has set up a new dedicated team that will work across Government to help individuals identify and gather evidence to confirm their existing right to be in the UK. Once the evidence has been put together, the team aim to resolve cases within two weeks. Furthermore, the Government does not believe that anyone should be out of pocket as a result of this; therefore, documentation will be provided free of charge.
The Government recognises that it is wholly unacceptable that a very small number of former Commonwealth citizens with the right to be in the UK have been subject to removal action and detention. The Home Office has changed its processes to ensure that this cannot happen again. Should any evidence emerged that anyone has been wrongly deported, the case will be investigated urgently.
April 2018

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