NHS Ownership | November 2018

I have received numerous letters regarding NHS ownership.
Universal healthcare, free at the point of use, is a founding principle of the NHS, and neither I nor the Government wish to see this changed. That is why the Government is committed to ensuring that the NHS remains publicly owned.
The private sector plays an important role in the operation of the NHS. 7.7% of NHS spending goes towards private providers and the voluntary sector, showing how limited the use of these sectors are. However, where they have been used, private providers have facilitated and improved patient choice, expanded patient access to hospitals, and accelerated the delivery of care. Despite the involvement of the private sector alongside the public sector, the NHS continues to be publicly owned.
Improving the provision and quality of the NHS is a priority for Government. Since 2010, NHS funding has increased every year, and despite challenging financial circumstances, the Government has committed to investing a further £20 billion into the NHS by 2023/24. Furthermore, the Prime Minister has recently announced that the Government will look to implement a long-term funding plan for the NHS in the future.
Health is a devolved area in Wales and is the responsibility of the Welsh Government.
November 2018

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