Reopening of the promenade at Colwyn Bay

Posted on 16th August, 2017

The following article was originally published in the North Wales Weekly News newspaper on 16 August 2017.

As summers go, this one hasn’t been stellar. The early promise of a balmy May and early June has not translated into the barbecue weather we were all hoping for. Rather, we have experienced the usual British holiday season of overcast skies and rain, interspersed with the occasional warm and sunny day. It’s all been a bit disappointing.

Nevertheless, there have been some bright spots, the most notable being the reopening of the promenade at Colwyn Bay between the pier and the end of the Cayley embankment. The renewal work has been somewhat slow, but now the prom is open to pedestrians. We must hope that vehicles will soon be able to pass along the seafront, relieving the congestion that has plagued the town centre over the last year.

I took a walk along the promenade a few evenings ago, and was delighted to see that the smart new railings that were erected a couple of years have been extended, and new block paving has been laid. New street lighting of an arresting design has been installed. There are also some interesting novel touches, such as QR codes and stone “postcards” telling us about the history of Colwyn Bay and Rhos. The work is a huge improvement and, together with the sandy beach, is a credit to Conwy County Borough Council.

However, to return to an old bone of contention, the improvement would be considerably greater if the Council were to jettison its proposal of charging for parking along the seafront.   The shops and cafés of Rhos want more people to visit and see the splendid new promenade. A parking charge will operate as a deterrent to motorists, raise little money and adversely affect businesses.

Finally, it would be good if the individual who removed the lovely 1930s “To the Beach” sign that formerly stood at the junction of Marine Road and Princes Drive would listen to his or her conscience and return it to the Council. Now that Colwyn Bay is rediscovering itself as a seaside resort, we need as many signs as possible to direct visitors to our shiny new promenade.


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