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It is the invariable practice of MPs when asked, during the month of August, if they are “enjoying their holiday” to respond that they are not on holiday, but on recess. Recess is a time when Parliament is not in … read the full article

Rural broadband funding

Residents and businesses in rural North Wales may now be entitled to significantly increased funding to upgrade their broadband. Customers with broadband speeds of less than 30 Mbps currently available to them may now be eligible for more funding, as … read the full article

North Wales Weekly News

Shareholders in the companies that make acrylic screens must be among the few financial beneficiaries of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because acrylic screens are now everywhere: protecting cashiers at supermarket checkouts, separating customers at hairdressing salons and shielding bus drivers from … read the full article

North Wales Weekly News

This week, Parliament rises for the summer recess, after one of the most extraordinary terms anyone can remember. On 23 March, the Prime Minister declared a national lockdown to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. A few days later, after passing the … read the full article

Daily Post Article – 8 July, 2020

Any optimistic notion that the Covid-19 pandemic might not necessarily inflict serious damage on the economy was dispelled last week when Airbus announced that it was shedding 15,000 jobs worldwide, with over 1,400 from its Deeside wing-making plant at Broughton. … read the full article

North Wales Weekly News

Tourism is the very raison d’être of our part of North Wales. Towns such as Colwyn Bay and Llandudno grew up in Victorian times to serve the holiday needs of the increasingly affluent industrial areas of North West England and … read the full article

Press Release: Zoo Openings

Westminster, 10 June 2020 Clwyd West MP, David Jones, has welcomed the announcement that zoos in England are to be allowed to reopen from 15 June and has urged the Welsh Government (WG) to follow suit, so that Colwyn Bay’s … read the full article

North Wales Weekly News

Last week, Members of Parliament returned to the Palace of Westminster for the first time since lockdown was declared in late March. For the previous nine weeks, MPs and their staffs had been working from home, dealing with constituents’ concerns … read the full article

North Wales Weekly News – 27 May, 2020

As the coronavirus outbreak appears at last to be abating, it is time to look to the future and the safe reopening of our economy. Many businesses that have been features of our area for many years urgently need to … read the full article

North Wales Weekly News – 14 May, 2020

Zoom. Just two months ago, I had never heard of it. But that, of course, was before the full, devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic had become apparent. Now, however, Zoom is seemingly everywhere. “Zoom” is arguably the single word … read the full article