The Rt Hon David Jones MP


This page features short written pieces outlining David’s views and comments on certain policy matters. The newest entries appear at the top of the page. Older entries can be found by scrolling down, and by browsing through the different numbered pages.

Parking charges on the Colwyn Bay promenade

One of the most pleasing local developments of recent years has been the progressive improvement of the seafront in Colwyn Bay. However, a proposal that parking charges be introduced along the promenade is a cause for concern. ... read more

Prorogation, the State Opening, and refurbishing the Palace of Westminster

It could be said that the Palace of Westminster is the finest neo-Gothic building in the world. However, it is a structure that is showing significant signs of wear and tear, and it requires a major overhaul. ... read more

The British Government’s pro-EU leaflet

On 9 May 2016, the House of Commons debated the Government's decision to print and distribute leaflets outlining its case for remaining within the European Union. David Jones MP was one of the Members who spoke during the debate. ... read more

World Autism Awareness Week

Autism is a condition that affects many people, and one that carries a serious economic and human cost. However, it is likely that helping autistic people to work would enable the country to benefit from a resource that is currently under-used. ... read more

Railways and North Wales

Railway travel is currently enjoying a powerful renaissance. Accordingly, serious consideration should be given to upgrading the railway line along the North Wales coast. ... read more

The timing of Easter

For centuries, the timing of Easter has been determined by reference to the orbits of the Earth and the Moon, which means that the festival's date can vary by around a month. However, there is a proposal that the timing of Easter should be fixed. ... read more

The 2016 Budget

There was much to welcome in the 2016 Budget, not least the announcement of a North Wales Growth Deal and a new sugar-related levy. ... read more

The legal weakness of David Cameron’s EU deal

The agreement that David Cameron has reached with European Union leaders regarding the terms of the United Kingdom's membership of the EU has a serious flaw; it lacks the necessary legal force. ... read more

Charities and their trustees’ responsibilities

Charities are an extremely important part of our national life, and the recent controversy relating to Kids Company illustrates the importance of effective oversight on the part of charities' trustees. ... read more

Parliamentary sovereignty and the European Union

The principle of parliamentary sovereignty is the central pillar of the British constitution. However, the United Kingdom's continued membership of the European Union is placing that principle in jeopardy. ... read more

2015 Re-election

At the May 2015 General Election, David was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Clwyd West, with an increased majority of 6,730.

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