The Rt Hon David Jones MP

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

“To be eligible for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, an employee  must be paid via PAYE and have been on the business’s payroll on or before 19 March 2020.

Employees who have already been made redundant, can be re-hired and placed on the Scheme, with the Government covering any lost income backdated to the 1 March.

The full guidance on eligibility for the Job Retention Scheme can be found through the following link:

The decision about whether or not to place employees on the Scheme, otherwise known as furloughing, is at the employer’s discretion.

However, the Government has been very clear that putting staff on furlough will not cost employers anything. The Scheme is there to guarantee that workers receive a substantial portion of their monthly wage without inflicting any cost on the employer.

The Government will pay 80 per cent of each employee’s monthly wage up to £2,500 per month, and if an employer wishes to top-up the final 20 per cent they may, but there is no requirement for employers to do so under the Scheme.

While the Government would, of course, like to administer the Job Retention Scheme, establishing such a system would take too long. Therefore, the Government is relying on employers to help administer the Scheme and to do the right thing by furloughing staff rather than making them redundant.

If your employer is unsure about whether they can furlough your husband, please do speak to them and provide the above link to the Government’s guidance. If they remain unsure, please encourage them to contact the Business Wales helpline on 0300 060 3000, or contact their local MP, who I am sure would be very willing to assist them with any questions they might have.

Clearly, where there is unfortunately no work, but an employee can be furloughed, there is no reason for an employer to make staff redundant.”

2019 Re-election

At the December 2019 General Election, David was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Clwyd West, with an increased vote share of 50.7%.

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