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Members of Parliament often receive a large number of similar or identical e-mails on a particular policy topic or topics. David generally prefers to reply to constituents' correspondence directly and on an individual basis. However, in some cases, doing so is not practicable. Accordingly, this page provides a means whereby responses or statements on certain policy topics can easily and quickly be posted and read.


I have received a large number of emails regarding the use of torture.

The UK unreservedly condemns the use of torture or inhuman treatment and works with international partners to eradicate this abhorrent practice. Preventing torture and tackling impunity for those who torture are essential components of safeguarding this country's security and are integral to the rule of law. The UK abides by its commitments under international law and expects all countries to comply with their international legal obligations. ... read more

Targeting of Civilians by Hamas

I have received a number of emails regarding the abuse of children and civilians by Hamas.

As Chairman of the Council for Arab-British Understanding, I condemn, in the strongest possible terms, any violence inflicted upon, or targeted at, children and civilians in either Israel or Gaza. This is not only barbaric and entirely illegal but also undermines efforts to improve the situation in the region; hindering the Middle East peace process. Hamas must renounce violence, recognise Israel and accept previously signed agreements. ... read more

Protection of Rivers

I have received numerous emails regarding the reduction of plastic consumption to improve waterways.

Plastic causes extensive environmental damage and endangers plant and animal life as well as natural habitats. I am, therefore, strongly in favour, as is the Government, of reducing the amount of plastic that we consume. ... read more

Medical Cannabis – May Update

I have again received a substantial number of emails regarding medical cannabis.

I fully appreciate that there are people with chronic pain and debilitating illnesses who seek to alleviate their symptoms by using medicinal cannabis. However, the Government’s position regarding the issuing of medical cannabis is correct, as it ensures that medical cannabis is only prescribed if approved by a specialist doctor. ... read more

Animal Welfare Inspectors

All sensible people will support the highest standards of animal welfare and I agree with you about the importance of protecting Equines throughout the UK. The Animal Welfare Act 2006 makes it an offence to cause any unnecessary suffering to animals, or for a responsible party to fail to provide for their welfare. I am, therefore, deeply concerned with the statistic that 40% of Local Authorities do not employ an Animal Welfare Inspector despite being the only body, other than the police, who can legally seize an animal suffering neglect, abuse or abandonment. ... read more

Caging of Farm Animals

The Government is committed to upholding and improving animal welfare, with the welfare of farmed livestock protected under legislation. Such welfare is guaranteed by specific welfare codes, which encourage high standards of husbandry that keepers are required to be familiar with by law. ... read more

Climate Change

I have received a large number of emails concerning climate change. 

Climate change is a huge issue of concern, being one of the most urgent and pressing challenges that is currently facing every country. The Government is committed to tackling climate change and has taken a number of steps to build upon Britain’s reputation as a key actor in the fight against climate change. ... read more

Persecution of Christians

I have received many emails concerning the persecution of Christians.

The current situation of Christians around the world is an issue of concern and I greatly sympathise with the view that, as a Christian nation, the UK should play a role internationally to ensure Christians are guaranteed the freedom to practise their religion without fear of being persecuted. ... read more

Whirlpool’s Tumble Dryer Modification Programme

I have received a substantial number of emails regarding Whirlpool’s tumble dryer modification programme.

In 2015, the company Whirlpool identified a design issue in several tumble dryer models which could lead to increased risks of fire incidents due to excessive lint accumulation at the rear which then ignites. The company then undertook a modification programme to address the issue. However, concerns were raised about the modification programme and in May 2018 the Parliamentary Under- Secretary of State for Business, Energy and industrial Strategy ordered the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) to review the actions taken by Whirlpool. ... read more

Racehorse Welfare

I have received a number of emails regarding racehorse welfare. 

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) is responsible for the safety of jockeys and horses at races in this country. The BHA works with animal welfare organisations such as the RSPCA and World Horse Welfare to keep racecourses as safe as possible for horses. Although elements of the BHA are involved in racing, it should be noted that it is independent of racecourses, jockeys, owners and the other racing bodies. ... read more

2017 Re-election

At the June 2017 General Election, David was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Clwyd West, with an increased vote share of 48.1%.

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